Postpartum Fitness: A Pilates Inspired Workout for Moms

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Instructor: Sarah Harding Traverso
Schedule: Due to instructor availability, this class is cancelled until further notice
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Physical Intensity Level: Medium (For all Fitness Levels)
Community Level: High (Includes several Partner Exercises)
Parenting Education Level: High
Styles: Pilates, Ballet, Gymnastics

Join us for a gentle and restorative Pilates-inspired workout designed to build core strength, increase postural awareness, improve balance, and enhance joint stability for Postpartum Moms. Babies are welcome and encouraged to join Mom! Of course, no children are required for participants to get in a great workout! So Grandmas, Aunties, and Partners are all welcome!

Attend class with or without your child(ren) to learn the techniques. Then return home to incorporate the movements into your daily routine of parenting. Feel your best while you wear, carry, breastfeed, educate and nurture your child(ren)!

Note: Class addresses Diastasis Recti (separation of abdominals due to intra-abdominal pressure during pregnancy.) All Moms are welcome, whether you are 6 weeks or 60+ years PostPartum!

Health benefits include:

  • Learn proper posture
  • Relieve and prevent backaches
  • Resume your pre-pregnancy shape
  • Increase your energy
  • Prevent incontinence & build strength
  • Learn ways to model exercise to your child
  • Meet other like-minded parents

If weather permits, our Monday morning class will depart Blossom Birth's atrium at 10:25am for a walking workout to Jerry Bowden Park. If you're running late, join us on the walk. We'll take California Ave and go through the underpass near the Cal Train Station. The return route is the same. Class will conclude back on the mat at Blossom's beautiful Yoga Studio.

Your instructor, Sarah Harding Traverso, is a mother of three girls (including two year-old twins.) She is also a two-time winner of Ms. Fitness USA, former Stanford All-American Gymnast, Cirque du Soleil Acrobat, and current PMA Certified Joseph Pilates instructor. Her restorative postpartum workout incorporates the following techniques in the context of parenthood: Physio-therapy for joint stability while walking/breastfeeding/playing on the mat with children, Joseph Pilates Method, Dance & Gymnastics Conditioning. Don't worry, no prior fitness experience is necessary. Sarah welcomes newly postpartum Moms to join her class early with young infants so Moms can learn how to restore their energy & focus their attention on nurturing their child(ren)! Expecting Moms are welcome too!

Watch Sample Exercises!
These can be done while wearing your Baby:

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